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  • Webtraffic

    By on March 4, 2016

    Buy Web Traffic For Increased Business Do you have a website for your business, but are unable to secure a large enough amount of traffic in order to increase your overall sales? Buying traffic for your business can have a number of benefits, and allow your...

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  • Advertising

    By on March 4, 2016

    Internet advertising makes the world go round Businesses today have more and better tools for advertising than at any other time in history, but there are important reasons to think about the best way to use these tools. Modern advertising tools can help any business improve...

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  • Blog Traffic

    By on August 12, 2014

    How To Increase Blog Traffic In order to increase blog traffic, you have to do everything that you can in order to improve your on-site and off-site SEO. Below, you’ll find guaranteed methods that are proven to work. If you follow these suggestions, you should be...

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  • Alexa is a website which grades other websites by collecting data from internet users. It utilizes various metrics like the traffic a website gets (page per views by an individual user), the bounce rates and the time a user spends on the website to judge the credibility and popularity of a website and then ranks it.

    Google is ranked no.1 in Alexa rankings which means that Google is the most credible, the most visited and the most popular website all around the world. Similarly, Facebook is ranked no.2 as it is the second most popular website on the surface of the Earth. Thus, lesser your website’s Alexa rank, the better the chances that your website will be considered credible and popular among the masses.

    Alexa utilizes information about internet users and their activities by utilizing the Alexa toolbar. If any internet user uses the Alexa toolbar while browsing, Alexa can record his activities and then add it to its stats before deciding the rank for a given website. However, Alexa won’t be able to record his activities and won’t be able to add his activities to its stats if the user browses the internet while using a browser other than IE or has no Alexa toolbar installed on his browser. Thus, only users who use IE or have an Alexa toolbar installed help in the determination of the rank of the website. It means that even if your website gets a lot of traffic but most of the people visiting your website don’t use the Alexa toolbar, then your website’s rank won’t improve at all.

    Importance of Alexa Traffic

    Alexa rankings have a psychological impact on the visitors and most visitors check a website’s Alexa rank so as to confirm whether the website can be trusted or not. If the website has a low Alexa rank then people would think of it as a credible and dependable website (thinking that many other people have also used the website’s services) and would not hesitate in buying and using services of that website. However, if the website has a very high Alexa rank then people would take it to be an unpopular website which doesn’t get many visitors and would thus hesitate from providing their credit card numbers and/or PayPal account information etc. Only Alexa traffic (people visiting your website having the Alexa toolbar installed) can improve your Alexa ranking. All in all, an improved Alexa rank basically guarantees sales and profits while a very high Alexa rank (due to less Alexa traffic) can deter customers away from your website.

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    By on November 7, 2013